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The journal Anthropological Bulletin publishes articles that make an original and critical contribution of a theoretical, or a more empirical nature, to urban and regional research and all the areas falling in the realm of anthropology. The journal will not discriminate between qualitative and quantitative analyses. Before submitting an article, authors should look at recently published articles to make sure that their work fits into the broader debates of the journal.
Anthropological Bulletin is an international, refereed, quarterly journal of the Department of Anthropology. Articles normally don't exceed 8,000–10,000 words including references. When submitting an article, authors should accept the following conditions:

(1) The work in the paper is not published in any other form (book, book chapter, part of a book, etc.) or (normally) any other language. We accept papers, book reviews, review articles, shorter notes, news relating to research and academic, discussions and communications. It is up to the Editors' judgment to proceed with the review process, or to reject the paper as non-original work.
(2) The paper is not being submitted to any other journal simultaneously.
(3) The author is fully authorized to submit the material for publication.
(4) The author agrees to act as a referee for other submissions to Anthropological Bulletin.
(5) If accepted, the paper will not be republished without the consent of the publishers.

Manuscripts should be typed double spaced on A4 size paper with a 5 cm margin on the left hand side. Tables should be submitted in separate files from the text, and their position in the text indicated. References in text to figures and table should be in the form `see Table 4', `as in Figure 6'.
Any maps, diagrams and figures should be submitted in the form of completed artwork suitable for reproduction. Black and white figures should be supplied in separate files at the end of the manuscript and should not be embedded within the article. Lines should be clean and clear, tints and complex shading should be avoided. Any labels and keys must be legible when reproduced. Good quality photographs will be considered for inclusion where they add substantially to the argument, to a maximum of three per article. These can be supplied electronically as TIF files scanned to at least 300dpi. Colour figures can be provided for use in the journal. At the editors' discretion these will be printed in colour. If they are not printed in colour then they can be reproduced in colour online and black and white in print.

Book reviews

All books for review and book reviews should be sent to: The Editor, Anthropological Bulletin, Department of Anthropology, Lucknow University, Lucknow


References should be listed in full at the end of the article in alphabetical order and in the following form: 

Castells, M. (1996) The rise of the network society, the information age: economy, society and culture. Vol. I. Blackwell, Oxford UK & Cambridge USA. 

Journal article:
Logan, J.R., R.D. Alba and T.L. McNulty (1994) Ethnic economies in metropolitan regions: Miami and beyond. Social Forces 72.3, 691–74.

Chapter in an edited book
Jessop, B. (1994) Post-Fordism and the state. In A. Amin (ed.), Post-Fordism: a reader, Blackwell, Oxford.

Manuscripts not accepted for the publication will be returned to the authors who enclose the cost of return postage. Articles and correspondence for publication and books for review should be sent to the Editor, Anthropological Bulletin, Department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. Phone-09450561571, 0522-2740004 email : keyapandey9@gmail.com