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Call for Papers


The world has suffered and continues to suffer from a profound loss of indigenous peoples and rural groups and their knowledge about the natural world, constructed from their intimate ties to land and place. This loss has been accompanied by neglect and the marginalization of their practices and beliefs, often figured as inferior forms of knowing to be replaced by universalized knowledge derived from the Western scientific tradition.

Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) are being examined by academicians, development planners, and contributors to alternative development approaches. Ethnomedicine, forest resource management, water resource management, biodiversity conservation, cosmology, folklore, etc are among the issues featured in the IKS literature. These issues, however, need more attention. In recognition of these issues, there is a dramatically growing national and international interest in indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), including traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) of the indigenous people.

The Centre for Tribal Research and indigenous Knowledge Systems, Department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow is working on the various facets of indigenous knowledge systems of the tribals. The Centre is interested in publishing a book on Indigenous knowledge system which is expected to serve as a medium for scholarly studies devoted mainly to the above mentioned issues.

The scholars and academicians across the disciplines within and beyond the realm of Anthropology are invited to contribute research papers for the coming issue of the journal. Both hard and soft copies of the papers are encouraged.
The papers and enquiries may be directed to-

Dr. Keya Pandey (Editor)
Anthropological Bulletin
Department of Anthropology,
Lucknow University,
Email: keyapandey9@gmail.com

Volume 8, Issue 1